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Power Window Repair


Do you have a window in your vehicle that only operates intermittently or not all?

It’s time to schedule a power window repair. Las Vegas Valley is home to three convenient locations for power window repair, all under the name of Royalty Brake and Tire. Don’t let the name mislead you, our technicians are experienced and qualified for every aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair, and that includes car window repair.

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4845 S. Pecos
Las Vegas, NV 89121


2632 N Las Vegas Blvd
N Las Vegas, NV 89030


3101 N Rancho Dr #A
Las Vegas, NV 89130


1314 N Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89110


1425 N Boulder Highway
Henderson, NV 89011

Why Doesn’t My Window Work?

Power windows in vehicles have a motor that powers a door window regulator, the mechanism that actually raises and lowers the window. If your window will no longer operate correctly – it won’t go up or down or has intermittent failures in performance – the problem could lie in the wiring, the switches or the car window motor itself. A full electrical check of the wiring and switches will be the first step in a power window repair service appointment. Once these electrical issues are ruled out, your vehicle will be checked to see if it is need of a window regulator repair or window motor repair. On some vehicles the two items are serviced separately, and for others, the regulator and window motor are one application.

Get the ROYALTY Treatment

Schedule Your Power Window Repair. Las Vegas Valley auto owners have been entrusting their vehicles to Royalty Brake and Tire over 12 years. Our team of high quality technicians have the experience necessary to resolve a power window malfunction on most any make of vehicle. Give us a call to schedule your power window repair at any one of our convenient locations.

Client Focused Repairs. Until the source of the malfunction is determined, we will not know whether your vehicle will require a window regulator repair, window motor repair or whether the solution will lie in the wiring or switches. Once the proper solution is determined for your power window repair, our technicians will provide a full estimate of the parts and labor required to execute the repairs. At all times, our clients remain the ones in control of approving the work before it is performed.

12 Years of Experience. Royalty Brake & Tire is a locally owned and operated full service auto repair shop. With over 12 years of experience providing our clients with vehicle maintenance and repairs, you can feel confident in bringing your vehicle to us for power window repair. Las Vegas Valley vehicle owners deserve service they can trust, and Royalty is here to provide it.